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Challenge yourself and assess your PubMed knowledge by taking SML PubMed Quiz!​​​
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  1. PubMed, a bibliographic database dating back to early 1900, indexes:
  2. PubMed now also contains:
  3. The best way to search PubMed for effect of television on violence is by searching:
  4. Typing antibiotics at the PubMed search box retrieves:
  5. You searched PubMed and found an important article, but going through the links it does not open the full-text.
  6. One of the best resources for reliable and up-to-date health information that is specifically written for patients or their families:
  7. The best and easiest way to search for EBM documents through PubMed is by searching:
  8. You are interested in a topic, and want PubMed to directly send you an e-mail whenever new content about your topic is added (create e-mail alert), you have to use: