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The AUB University Archives document the history of AUB since its inception in 1866, until the present. Our Collections feature around 700 linear feet of archival material relating to every aspect of AUB’s history (administrative, academic and extra-curricular activities, etc.). Besides written documents, our AUB Archives feature photographs, audio-visuals, as well as some AUB related artifacts. A few noteworthy documents in our Collections include the following: early AUB Presidential papers related to the founding of the Syrian Protestant College in 1866, and to the Edwin Lewis Darwin crisis in 1882; records of early Missionaries' educational activities in the region (e.g. papers of the Near East Colleges Association); documents pertaining to WWI; significant students' publications documenting the socio-political climate in the area, including handwritten magazines from as early as 1890, e.g. al-Urwa al-Wuthqah, Al-Kulliyah and Outlook magazines, etc.; the archive of the Lee-Shahin Observatory​ since its founding in 1873 until its closing in 1979; papers related to many famous AUB-ites and Arab intellectuals, e.g. Constantine Zurayk, Asad Rustum, Emile Bustani, Jirji Zaydan, Mansour Jurdak, Zaki Nassif, and many others; oral histories with famous personalities, etc.

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