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“Facing the Challenge is currently an archival type of website. The content on this website has been used during times of crisis in Lebanon in July and August 2006, to assist the AUB community in Lebanon and abroad. All content dates back to that period and is not intended to be up to date. For more information, please send an email to feedback@aub.edu.lb.”

Message from: the Provost - July 19, 2006


Saving electricity

July 19, 2006

Dear AUB faculty and staff,

It is very important for all to realize that fuel supplies are very limited in Lebanon.  For this reason, please make all possible efforts to conserve energy.  Turn off all unnecessary lights and air-conditioning in offices, clinics, and residences.  Raise temperatures on the air-conditioning that you do use.  Please be aware that if the situation does not improve, energy rationing will go into effect.

Thank you for your help in this crucial effort to maintain our operations.

Acting President


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